BU-37 multicolor
BU-13 apple greenDSC02523BU-40 redBU-75 black



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Product Description

Small buttons measure approximately .87″l x .75″ w. There are 7 buttons.
Large buttons measure approximately 1.25″l x 1″ w. There are 6 buttons.
Any color may be done.

Great for sweaters and the multicolored ones look especially good on a black sweater! They are a little too heavy for a cotton blouse.


  • BU-13 apple green
  • BU-37 multicolor
  • BU-40 red
  • BU-50 blue
  • BU-75 black


  • BZ-13 apple green
  • BZ-37 multicolor
  • BZ-40 red
  • BZ-50 blue
  • BZ-75 black

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in